Male Madonna and Feminine Uncle Sam Reading Response

This reading was also rather interesting. It shows just how much influence visual elements can have on the general public eye. I was not aware of this particular “Feminine Uncle Sam” ad before this reading, and it had me thinking about all of the different kind of propaganda used throughout history within the media, whether regarding women’s rights or not. People found a way to utilize visual tactics to sway the public to believing what they desired others to believe, and it worked pretty well in many cases. This reading reminded me a lot of a class I took last semester about decision making. We read many different books on the different aspects of decision making and the factors that influence it. One of the topics we discussed was this idea of “choice architecture,” which refers to the ability to control what another individual will decide when faced with a specific choice. For example, designing a door with a vertical handle along the side will most likely make an individual attempt to open the door by pulling, even if it actually meant to push to open. Here in the Feminine Uncle Sam example, every bit of art and text went into the piece carefully and deliberately because the creator wanted the public to think a specific way about the issue of women’s suffrage after reading it. Visual rhetoric in general is just very intriguing to me, and after studying rhetoric, I have become more conscious of these tactics for fear of someone trying to control my opinions or personal beliefs. However, I hope I can also utilize these lessons in an honest manner when making my final web project.

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