Remediation Reading Response

Before yesterday’s class, I do not think that I had the full grasp of remediation. While reading the text on remediation, I found myself getting lost or easily distracted because the information just was not sticking very well. However, now I believe to have a better understanding of the term and the reading, to a degree. I found Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin’s discussion about how society looks up mediation and how they want the general public to see or interpret it very intriguing. For example, a quote that stood out to me read, “Our culture wants both to multiply its media and to erase all traces of mediation” (5). I found this interesting because when I looked at some examples, I saw, what I think to be, exactly what they were talking about. Jen’s discussion on video games is still on my so looking back at the reading, gaming consoles popped into my head. I have had an xbox 360 for about 8 to 9 years now. As most gaming companies do, microsoft released newer updates of the xbox, one of the major ones being the switch from the 360 to the xbox one. I enjoyed the games I had on my 360 and really didn’t have the money to upgrade it to the newer version. However, with this release, microsoft shut down the production of any new games to be made for the xbox 360. I think this decision was almost entirely about the money, but the point of the decision was to force people to buy the xbox one and forget about the 360. They even allowed some xbox 360 games to be played on the one to encourage people even more to just cross over to the new platform since they could still enjoy some of their old games. It seemed as if they were trying to eradicate the xbox 360 altogether, perhaps in an attempt to “multiply its media and to erase all traces of mediation” (5).

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