Screen Writing & Designing Response

I enjoyed learning in depth the process and considerations necessary for designing a website in both of these readings. In a previous class that I took, I wanted to try to create a website for my final project. However, I started the process and realized I knew nothing about website design and development, even using free online tools like WordPress or Wix. The Writer/Designer Intro reading kind of shows elements that were discussed briefly in yesterday’s reading. The authors point out specific means of communicating a specific message to a certain audience: linguistic, aural, visual, gestural, and spatial. In this discussion, they show how each are used to relay or symbolize a particular message often times within a single text, which is referred to as multimodality. With the reading from Vatz, I found the persuasive or rhetorical nature within everything to be rather intriguing, and this reading went into more detail about how to use different modes for this purpose.

I thought the Screen Writing reading transitioned well from the Writer/Designer text. Carroll explains in depth how to design a web page or a website, along with the factors that need to be considered before and while doing so. He places an emphasis on how individuals need simplicity in accessibility, readability, and navigation. Something interesting he points out that I have never considered before is that there are about a billion people whose first language was not English. Therefore, when creating a blog or website, one needs to omit any kind of idioms, slang, or phrases that would not be easily understood by someone from another area. He also mentions how, statistically, people do not spend much time reading online in comparison to on paper; therefore, one should create a page with less words. This makes great sense to me because personally, I prefer not to read online, and if a website or article is extremely wordy, I will not even attempt to leisurely read it. After reading both of these texts, I think I am leaning towards attempting a website for my multimodal project because of the greater understanding I have gained from each.

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